Inspect Gravity DataΒΆ

Here we take a look at what gravity data is available for the FORGE site

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import gdc19

import pandas as pd
import pyvista
import omfvista
df = pd.read_csv(gdc19.get_gravity_path('Utah_FORGE_Gravity_Data.txt'))


Index(['FID', 'FID_', 'name', 'lon', 'lat', 'easting', 'northing', 'HAE',
       'NGVD29', 'obs', 'errg', 'iztc', 'oztc', 'gFA', 'gSBGA', 'gCBGA',

Make a mapping between scalar names and their descriptions

field_desc = {
    "name": "the individual gravity station name.",
    "lon": "station Longitude, WGS84",
    "lat": "station latitude, WGS84",
    "easting": "UTM zone 12 easting, NAD83",
    "northing": "UTM zone 12 northing, NAD83",
    "HAE": "height above ellipsoid [meter]",
    "NGVD29": "vertical datum for geoid [meter]",
    "obs": "observed gravity",
    "errg": "gravity measurement error [mGal]",
    "iztc": "inner zone terrain correction [mGal]",
    "oztc": "outer zone terrain correction [mGal]",
    "gFA": "free air gravity",
    "gSBGA": "Bouguer horizontal slab",
    "gCBGA": "Complete Bouguer anomaly",
    "Source": "data source",
ref = ['easting', 'northing', 'HAE']
points = df[ref]
for name in ref:
grav_obs = pyvista.PolyData(points.values)

grav_obs = grav_obs.clip_box(gdc19.get_roi_bounds(), invert=False)



UnstructuredGrid (0x7ff8989cdca8)
  N Cells:      786
  N Points:     781
  X Bounds:     3.301e+05, 3.441e+05
  Y Bounds:     4.253e+06, 4.271e+06
  Z Bounds:     1.488e+03, 2.706e+03
  N Arrays:     14
grav_obs.plot(scalars='gCBGA', stitle=field_desc['gCBGA'])
# Load the topography surface that was previously aggregated:
surfaces = omfvista.load_project(gdc19.get_project_path('surfaces.omf'))
topo = surfaces['land_surface']
p = pyvista.Plotter()
p.add_mesh(grav_obs, scalars='gCBGA', point_size=10.0,
          render_points_as_spheres=True, stitle=field_desc['gCBGA'])

Save gravity data for processing in next example'grav_obs.vtk'))

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